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Interview with Mike McBride, Senior Representative, Open Networking Foundation

Mike MacBride.pngMike McBride, Senior Representative, Open Networking Foundation

Mike will be speaking at the SDN & NFV Asia Summit 2014 on Wednesday, December 3 at the Suntec in Singapore. Click here to download the full agenda.

If you are an operator/carrier you can claim your free pass here, alternatively if you are not an operator/carrier you can register here. 




Are you happy to go into detail about your experience in the industry and current role?

I’ve been in the networking industry for 20+ years having worked at Cisco, Huawei and now Ericsson. I started my career working hands on with troubleshooting and configuring customers network equipment. Throughout my career I’ve spent time on standards, architectures, and customer deployments. For the last few years I have been focusing more on the business side of networking including strategy, partnerships and business development within the SDN, NFV and Cloud ecosystem. My current role is Director of Technology within Ericsson’s Cloud and IP Business Unit.

What would you say has had the largest impact in terms of progressing SDN and NFV in telecom networks to date?

Competition and flat revenues have greatly accelerated the progression of SDN/NFV in telecom networks. SDN/NFV provides the ability to quickly innovate and deploy new service offerings while also reducing CAPEX/OPEX. Major telecom providers are quickly architecting their next generation networks in order to more effectively and efficiently compete.

Why is Virtualization so important to the future of the industry? Can you explain why SDN & NFV will benefit the vast network you operate?

Virtualization provides the critical ability to quickly innovate through new service offerings and provide the ability to chain those virtualized services per customer requirements. Applications are able to more intelligently utilize the network when virtualized functionalities are made dynamically available. SDN & NFV will benefit network operators by enabling them to quickly spin up/down services depending upon customers applications needs.

Which areas of the network do you think should be prioritized for virtualization, and why?

The priority is wherever our customers need to compete and innovate more effectively. That may be in the home with virtualized home gateways, perhaps with L4-7 services, it may be in the access, or in the cloud, or it may be in the packet core or any area within the end to end operator environment. Wherever its critical to offer new services, chain those new services, and reduce costs is the target for virtualization.

Are you able to share with us some of the projects you have in the pipeline? How is your company working to realize the potential of SDN and NFV?

We are working very closely with our customers to provide the end to end orchestration and virtualized functionality they are demanding for their next generation networks. We have virtual Home Gateway solutions, Orchestration systems, service chaining solutions, an OpenDayLight based SDN controller, along with a MultiLayer Wan Controller we are developing with Ciena.

From a service provider perspective, how can SDN, NFV and the Cloud drive service delivery benefits to enterprise customers?

They benefit the Enterprise customer by allowing their applications to more intelligently utilize the network, a network which offers a whole host of new and dynamic services to benefit their business. SDN/NFV and the Cloud allows the Enterprise to simplify their network and focus on competing effectively.

What challenges have you faced in implementing network virtualization, whilst maintaining efficiency?

Performance. Performance is critical to the success of virtualization.

What role do you think Trade Shows play in helping the development of the SDN & NFV movement?

Trade shows provide an effective forum to understand operators current use cases and concerns and to see the rapid innovation occurring in the industry. They can be a great way to see and hear the industry in action.



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